From the April, 2015

6 steps of Canada Payroll Taxes

An Employer, Trustee or Payer of remuneration or other types of income, is responsible to deduct Canada Payroll Taxes while making payment of such remuneration or other types of income. Payroll taxes include Canada Pension […]

Singapore Personal Income Tax – 4 things to know

Are you a local or a foreign Individual employee, self-employed or doing business in Singapore? You should know these 4 things on Singapore Personal Income Tax to ensure you are statutorily compliant in Singapore. […]

GST/HST Instalment Payments

Who should pay GST/HST by Instalment? Normally, GST/HST payments are due on the same day GST/HST returns are due. If you are an annual filer, you need to pay your GST/HST by the due date […]