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Accounting & Tax services for CPA Firms

Outsource CPA Services For Startup in The USA

The rapidly developing landscape in the accounting industry is becoming more difficult for CPA firms, requiring an intelligent response to the intensifying needs of the clients. For this reason, BKCProHub serves as a point of reference to CPA firms that wish not only to keep up with but to outperform a client’s expectations.

The company will offer quality, CPA firm outsourcing services to accounting and tax needs that aim at reducing complexities that come as a result of excessive workload enabling CPA firms to compete in the industry.

Our Services

Comprehensive Outsource CPA Services for Startups in USA

Join us in a trail of support that is crafted to satisfy the requirements of start-up companies. Bkcproub gives comprehensive services that surpass the conventional to new businesses so they can get a financial basis to support their survival. Our suite of CPA outsourcing services includes:

Bookkeeping Services

Creating financial stability through thorough and accurate record keeping

Tax Preparation and Planning

Strategic planning for tax compliance in navigating complex grounds towards optimised financial outcomes.

Inventory Management:

Financial management through improved control and efficiency of inventory processes.

Internal Controls Consulting

Enhancing financial integrity by instituting tough internal controls.


Comprehensive reconciliation aimed at ensuring precision and consistency in financial statements.

Virtual CFO Services

Financial expertise and providing directional advice but without the full-time commitment.

Financial Statement Preparation

Preparation of open and instructive financial statements that can help in making strategic decisions.

MD&A Preparation

Interpretive and interpretative analysis of financial information to yield total comprehension.

Payroll Processing

Improving workforce management by streamlining and automating payroll processes.

Audit Support

Providing extensive support throughout the audit process to guarantee compliance with the established regulatory regime.

Accounts Payable and Receivable (P2P & O2C)

Precise financial transactions management and smooth cash flow.

Why Startups Opt for BKCProHub's Outsourcing CPA Services in USA

There are many advantages to outsourcing your accounting and tax services to BKCProHub. Here are just a few:

Quality and Confidentiality

In our service philosophy, our commitment to quality remains our main focus at all times. The highly experienced staff, with profound knowledge of accounting complexities and strict confidentiality, enables us to guarantee the highest accuracy in accounting tasks. Working discreetly in the background, we function as an arm of your firm owners' internal team for complete confidentiality in your finances and provide you outsource CPA services for startups.

Increased Capacity

This means that you will save your time that was wasted by those routine tasks by giving your accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to BKCProHub. The newfound freedom allows you to concentrate on key business issues, increasing your overall potential for growth.” Our services provide flexibility to do extra tasks during peak periods so you are able to cope with high season demands without any hurdles and get more revenue.


Experience real-world savings through our competitive pricing. BKCProHub exploits variations in PPP and foreign currency exchange rates to lower overhead expenses, thus making outsourcing economically viable. We examine your financial landscape carefully in order to find out where savings can be achieved so as to make our work methodical and economically sound.

Quick Turnaround Time

Time is an essential element in the hasty business environment. The time zone differences advantage in favour of BKCProHub is used to offer fast service delivery cycles for our services. Agility provides you with the ability to not only meet but exceed your deadlines satisfying and earn trust of your clientele. We base our promise toa global name of quick turnarounds on a rigorous and productive framework that enables you to manoeuvre critical financial proceedings without hassle.

Long-term Partnership

In addition to offering services, we strive to establish long-term relationships. We realise that your business is continually changing. However, our commitment goes beyond just catering to your present needs but supporting you all through your growth journey towards continued success. We endeavour to understand the complexities of your organisation to forge a relationship that goes beyond the norms of routine tasks through frequent interaction and a proactive approach.


We appreciate the dynamics in business needs and we are flexible. While the phrase “one size fits all” does not apply here, our services are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit exactly within your particular needs. We provide customised packages that accommodate the specific needs of your company in terms of the scope of services, depth of analysis, and pricing.

Access to Expertise

The backbone of our business is the accumulated knowledge of our team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants. Our experienced professionals draw from decades of collective knowledge to give you the expert information to make sound decisions for the future of your client or business. This is one of the most important benefits since it gives your company an edge in terms of information that is necessary for growth in a highly dynamic marketplace.

Proven Experienced accountants

BKCProHub has over 25 years’ of experience as well as a decade of serving different US customers and therefore BKCProHub has proven its reliability and can be trusted with the US project. Being experienced we are a partner to rely on for Outsourced CPA services for Startup. By doing this, we have been able to manoeuvre through the intricacies of the dynamic accounting environment characterised by changes in laws, technology as well as changes in industry dynamics.

Therefore, BKCProHub is the first option for CPA firms pursuing reliable, competent partners in outsourced, accounting firm and tax compliance services. Have you tried to evaluate a variety of available services including competitive costs and absolute attention paid to quality and confidentiality? To find out how this collaboration can catalyse growth in your business, contact us today.

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