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Accounting Services

Review of Accounting, Payroll & Financial Statements

Outsource Accounting Services in India

Fill out the form if you need any type of accounting service, such as assistance with tax returns, and bookkeeping assistance and we’ll take care of the research and preparation for you.


    A single concept in business can completely change an entire sector. But even the most creative idea might fail if basic financial management and accounting are not in place. The correct group of accounting experts can assist in transforming that idea into a successful company in this situation. Businesses can use their experience to guarantee that their financial systems are in order, taxes are paid on time, and budgets are efficiently managed. Accountants may assist business owners in making wise decisions that promote growth and success by giving them accurate financial information. So keep in mind that having the appropriate accounting staff on your side can make all the difference whether starting a business or expanding an existing one.Keeping track of your finances is crucial when making business decisions, whether you are a startup or an established company.
    Accounting services can be used at that point. Accounting is the process that enables you to stay current on your earnings and outgoings. It is the accountant’s duty to provide accurate financial guidance and plans in line with the financial health of the company.
    Accounting Services
    Accounting basically involves keeping track of financial transactions and producing financial statements like balance sheets and income statements.Accounting fundamentally plays a crucial role in how a corporation runs.A professional accountant or bookkeeper manages accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses, while in larger organizations, the accounts and finances are managed by a finance department, which is made up of a team of personnel.

    Outsource Accounting Services
    to Further Reducing Unavoidable Cost Of Compliance!!

    Financial Accounting is a necessity of any business not only for tax filing but also to get some valuable piece of information on how your business is doing. The financial statements, at the end of the accounting cycle, give you first hand information on the operating efficiency and financial strength of your business.

    Accounting Is An Art As Well As Science

    When you do your own bookkeeping, you may miss out on something which can cost you heavily in terms of higher tax payment and other financial complications. We believe in collaborative efforts in meeting your goal to minimise your cost and still ensuring that you are on the top of your accounting records and fully tax compliant. We will review your bookkeeping and carry out books clean up exercise at your defined frequency.
    power to you

    Power To You!

    Do it yourself, get it reviewed and stay compliant. You decide what you will do, what you wish to be reviewed and the extent of support you need

    Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Service

    Managed business records properly:

    A business will do numerous transactions throughout the course of the year.

    Improves decision-making:

    Management is in responsibility of making financial decisions, and proper accounting helps in decision-making when it comes to selling, deducting costs, etc.

    Business appraisal:

    A accurate business evaluation is unquestionably necessary. Accounting enables you to see your company’s financial situation and operational progress clearly.

    Prevents Financial Frauds in Your Business:

    Accounting gives you access to all the information you need to run your company, protecting it against fraud and other financial misfortunes.

    Simple Tax & Liability Calculation:

    Accounting ensures that all liabilities are paid on time and helps you keep track of your taxes. If you keep good documents, it will be simple for you to obtain all the information on any owed liabilities.

    Extra Cost Control:

    This account maintenance step is crucial to prevent irrational spending and overspending.

    Find The Choice That Best Suits You


    • Professional Bookkeeper
    • Twice weekly, bookkeeping
    • extremely skilled accountant
    • Reconciling Credit Card and Bank Accounts
    • Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable
    • Tax calculations and payments for payroll
    • Management & Reconciliation of Inventory
    • Financial Statements for Each Month
    • Reported Financial Ratios


    • Professional Bookkeeper
    • Thrice weekly, bookkeeping
    • extremely skilled accountant
    • Reconciling Credit Card and Bank Accounts
    • Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable
    • Tax calculations and payments for payroll
    • Management & Reconciliation of Inventory
    • Financial Statements for Each Month
    • Reported Financial Ratios


    • Dedicated Full-Time Bookkeeper
    • Financial expert accountant
    • Reconciling Credit Card and Bank Accounts
    • Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable
    • Tax calculations and payments for payroll
    • Management & Reconciliation of Inventory
    • Financial Statements for Each Month
    • Reported Financial Ratios
    • Budgeting Quarterly/Yearly

    Accounting Is We Provide Outsourced Accounting Services

    Here is a list of the Outsourced Accounting Services provided by us.

    Join thousands of business entities who have setup their businesses in offshore locations be it India, United States, Canada, Great Britain (UK) or Singapore. Engage with our incorporation specialist who will guide you through all your questions, i.e, why, where and how. Each of these countries have their own advantages and depending on your needs, they will provide suitable vehicle to do your business.

    Tax planning is a crucial aspect of financial management that enables individuals and corporations to reduce their tax burden while remaining compliant with tax laws and regulations. Effective strategies can help to minimize tax liabilities, increase after-tax income, and improve overall financial health. It involves managing a company's tax liability through the use of tax credits, deductions, and exemptions, restructuring operations, and shifting profits to lower tax jurisdictions.


    Financial Accounting is a necessity of any business not only for tax filing but also to get some valuable piece of information on how your business is doing. The financial statements, at the end of the accounting cycle, give you first hand information on the operating efficiency and financial strength of your business.


    GST (Goods and Service Tax) or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is a tax charged on the supply of goods and services made in US or Canada and on the importation of goods thereto. It is also charged in various other parts of the Globe with the same or other names like VAT (Value Added Tax), Sales Tax or Service Tax. Presently we support GST / HST preparation and filing for Canada, United States of America and Singapore.


    Payday, one of the most important days for those who are the back bone for your business. We manage and process your payroll and ensure that youremployees are paid in time, every time. We provide payroll processing services for Canada, United States of America and Singapore.


    Pain Points in Your Business's Financial Management

    1. Inadequate accounting
    Refers to a company’s lack of systematic and precise financial records, which can result in mistakes, discrepancies, and poor financial management. Failure to keep track of income and expenses, reconcile accounts, and keep records of financial activities can all fall under this category.Lack of effective accounting procedures can have serious repercussions, including erroneous financial reporting, increased taxation, fines, and financial hardships.For businesses to make wise judgements, manage cash flow, and establish long-term plans, proper accounting is crucial.Without accurate accounting, it may be difficult for firms to maintain their competitiveness, fulfil their financial commitments, and experience long-term success.
    2. The reconciliation is not accurateIt denotes a lack of routine review and updating of the financial data, which could have resulted in discrepancies and inaccuracies.This may make it difficult to manage finances and make decisions, which may result in poor financial decisions.Reconciliation is crucial to ensuring that the financial records are correct and that errors are swiftly identified and handled to prevent future problems.
    3. No monthly reporting.Businesses don’t typically offer frequent financial reports that summarise their month-to-month financial performance.This might make it challenging to keep track of their financial health, pinpoint areas for growth, and make wise decisions based on the company’s present financial situation.
    4. The Process Doesn’t Use Enough TechnologyBusinesses conduct their bookkeeping and reporting using antiquated or manual procedures.This may result in mistakes, holdups, and ineffectiveness while recording and reporting financial transactions.Without the usage of technology, companies would find it difficult to stay up with rivals who have embraced contemporary techniques and to generate timely and accurate financial reports.Technology adoption can boost bookkeeping and reporting procedures’ precision and effectiveness, resulting in better financial outcomes for the company.
    5. The client is unclear about what is going on in the CA office.Businesses struggle to adequately inform customers on the state of their financial operations.This lack of transparency could lead to doubt and misunderstanding, which will make customers unhappy with the services they receive.Businesses can establish a long-term connection based on openness and successful communication with their clients by giving them clear, straightforward information about financial procedures.
    6. Inability To Manage AccountantThe management of the company’s internal accounting resources is difficult. This may result in a lack of understanding and control over financial procedures, accounting mistakes, and ineffective financial management of the company.Businesses can enhance their financial results by streamlining their financial operations, maintaining accuracy and compliance, and properly managing their accountants.
    7. Accountant departs FrequentlyThese problems might result in inconsistent and inaccurate financial management of the company, as well as higher costs for hiring and training staff.Businesses can improve their financial outcomes and maintain control over their financial operations by managing accounting resources efficiently and lowering staff turnover.
    8. Receiving frequent calls from all suppliers and vendorsA business owner is getting a lot of calls from suppliers and vendors about money-related issues, such unpaid invoices or disagreements.This might take up a lot of the owner’s time and lead to worry and irritation.These calls can be decreased and relationships with suppliers and vendors can be strengthened by putting in place efficient vendor and supplier management systems, such as prompt payments and clear communication.
    9. Unaware of the Cash AvailabilityBusinesses do not have precise or current information about their financial situation, nor do they have visibility into their cash flow.This may cause issues with cash flow, making it difficult to pay bills or make investments in the company.Businesses can improve their financial planning and decision-making by implementing efficient cash management procedures, such as routine cash flow reporting and forecasting.
    10. Unable To Schedule PaymentsBusinesses need a reliable strategy for controlling their outgoing payments.Missed payments, late fines, and a lack of understanding of cash flow might result from this.Businesses can better manage their finances and remain on top of their financial responsibilities by using an automated payment scheduling system combined with defined processes and standards for managing payments.
    11. The Account Department Has Never Responded Quickly to Any RequestsWhen a business owner or other stakeholders have questions or need assistance, the accounting department does not provide prompt answers or assistance.Delays or mistakes in financial reporting or decision-making may result from this.It is possible to increase responsiveness and guarantee that stakeholders receive the information and support they require promptly by establishing clear communication routes and response processes, as well as by giving the accounting team access to sufficient training and resources.
    12. My operational costs are high.Businesses spend more money than necessary on daily tasks. Process inefficiencies, poor cost management, or other factors may be to blame for this.High operational costs can reduce profitability, make it more difficult to invest in expansion, and put a pressure on the budget.Reducing operating expenses and strengthening a company’s financial condition can be accomplished through the use of more effective technologies, streamlining operations, negotiating better rates with vendors, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

    Concerns And Obstacles During The Transition Period

    For both individuals and organisations, the transition period may be difficult and stressful.

    The following problems or concerns are frequently linked to the transitional period:

    1. Lack of familiarity with the methods and processes used in outsourced bookkeeping.

    2. uncertainty over the dependability and quality of outsourced bookkeeping services.

    3. worries about privacy and data security when outsourcing financial information.

    4. fears of losing control over financial activities and decision-making procedures.

    5. Integration of outsourced bookkeeping procedures with current workflows and systems might be challenging.

    6. Employees must be trained on the new systems and practises.

    7. The potential for daily operations to be disrupted during the transition.

    8. Expectations must be set with the outsourced bookkeeping service in straightforward terms.

    9. Finding an outsourced bookkeeping service that is adequate and fulfils the unique demands and specifications of the company is difficult.

    10. The difficulty of leading and directing a remote bookkeeping team, particularly if they are situated in a foreign country or time zone.

    11. When outsourcing financial information, they must make sure that all legal and regulatory standards are being met.

    12. The possibility of language and communication problems while dealing with an external bookkeeping staff.

    13. The price of training staff members about new procedures and systems as well as any potential demand for extra resources during the transition period.

    14. When outsourcing bookkeeping services, there are worries about ensuring the confidentiality of critical financial information.

    15. The risk for mistakes or errors in bookkeeping or financial reporting procedures during the transition.

    16. Clear expectations, objectives, and criteria must be established in order to evaluate the effectiveness of outsourced bookkeeping services.

    Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Transition Process

    1. Determine the transition schedule and the finance functions that will be outsourced.

    2. Specify the duties of an internal team and an outsourcing supplier.

    3. Analyse the workflows and financial procedures in use today.

    4. Determine where the current finance procedures and workflows have loopholes or weaknesses.

    5. Create a plan to solve the flaws and holes in the financial process.

    6. Define the process, timeframe, and plan for data migration.

    7. Create a training programme for a provider of outsourced.

    8. Give an outsourced provider’s reporting and monitoring requirements.

    9. Run the transition strategy through its paces.

    10. Create a communication strategy to inform stakeholders.

    How BKC ProHub Supports with the Accounting Process
    BKC ProHub enables you to receive economical access to precise information. We handle your funds and accounts with the utmost care and efficiency.
    We regularly inform you on accounting standards, financial legislation, and compliance guidelines.
    Our BKC ProHub team continuously monitors and applies the most recent policies.
    Our outsourcing solution for finance and accounting constantly adheres to the most recent guidelines and modifications.
    You can use the most cutting-edge technology and sophisticated tools to quickly and affordably address all of your financial difficulties. All of the resources are available without further cost.
    Our USP in Accounting Services
    Our cost-effective solutions allow you to get more for less, which is a strong argument for choosing us.
    Take advantage of our technologically advanced solutions to increase client satisfaction.
    Feel the smooth and quick transfer of accounting tasks.

    Outsourcing Accounting Services In Every Industry

    We have years of experience serving a wide range of sectors and are extremely knowledgeable about how each one operates. Here are some sectors that we have partnered closely with:

    IT Industry


    Food Beverage


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    Auto Mobile

    manufacturing icon


    government sector icon

    Government Sector



    retail icon


    Service sector

    Service Sector


    Banking NBFC

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    Real Estate


    What are the benefits of accounting services

    Accounting is basically a key function in the business functioning process. In a small business, accounting and bookkeeping is done by a professional accountant or a bookkeeper but in large companies accounts and finance is handled by a finance department where a group of employees are hired to manage company finance.

    What is the role of accounting services?

    Accounting service roles are restricted to getting to know regarding the company’s financial condition. Still, it can assist you in making your company’s ideology and plan to assist and manage the decision-making so that it will be beneficial as well as profitable for your brand’s growth.

    Why are accounting services important to business?

    Accounting is the process that helps you to get updated with your income and expenses. An accountant’s responsibility is to offer accurate financial advice and strategies in accordance with the business’s financial conditions.

    How BKCProHub helps your business in accounting?

    BKCProHub’s finance and accounting service in India comes with the best bookkeeping services and easy access to resources like multi-software for a seamless process. We offer cost-effective and on-time services. We analyze your revenue and expense based on customer reports, employer reports, break up of expenses, and event analysis.

    BKCProHub's Accounting solution for your Business?

    BKCProHub’s accounting solutions can help you to eliminate all your financial problems such as staffing issues, outdated systems, undisciplined processes, or archaic software and tools. Our experts come with popular account software to ensure the complete security and privacy of your financial documents. You can avail any type of finance and accounting service, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax processing at a time at a low cost.

    What are the benefits a company can get from Accounting Services?

    Accounting prevents decisions that can cause any delay in the growth of the business by months. Accounting can also help you to get a clear picture of your company’s cash flow which will help to analyze your expenses and investments.

    Why should a company outsource accounting services?

    Outsourcing accounting services ensures that the business owner has good internal controls by providing a system of checks and balances that will help in reducing fraud as well as it also ensures the accuracy of company finance.