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Share Accounting Documents

The most important challenge a client faces while outsourcing the accounting is,

How to Share Accounting Documents?

The best way to do this is to share them on cloud. Choose from the free and paid cloud storage services. Google Drive and Dropbox are mostly used free cloud storage services which are quite secured and reliable. However, if you wish to go for paid services then Spring CM is one of such premium service providers having much more than just a cloud storage including work flow management system.

Google Drive and Dropbox have their presence on all platforms, web, PC / MAC and android or iOS apps giving clients multiple options to use their services from different platforms. Spring CM is available on web with integration app that does the same job for you and gives you access from web, PC / MAC or mobile app.

Though you can use any of these services, we suggest Google Drive for its privacy options and built-in document scan feature which is comes very handy and gives awesome results. Let’s understand how does Google Drive work in this video.

Open your favourite browser and type drive.google.com. If you are already signed in to your Google account, the browser will directly take you to Google Drive else it will ask you to sign in with your Google user name and password. You can create as many folders as you wish and store files in them. Here, you can see the folders are created for Bank Statements, Clients, Credit Cards, Suppliers, Petty Cash, Statutory and Employees and then respective documents are stored in them. You can click on “New”, then “Upload File” to upload one or more files or directly drag and drop them in the respective folder. Google’s excellent search helps you search any document with the name of supplier, credit card or expense and it will show them in front of you in no time. You can also access Google Drive from App grid on the top right corner of Google page. Just click “Drive”, supply your user name and password and there you go! To share your documents with your accountant, just select the folder, you wish to share, click icon with “+” sign and type the email address of your accountant. That’s it! Done!

You can download Google Drive for your PC / MAC. Type “drive for pc” in Google search bar and Download Drive for PC / MAC.

Download an Android or iOS app to access Drive from your mobile device. You will see the same folders as Web synced on your mobile device. You can also search, scan, upload or create a document from mobile device.

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