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Why Outsource to India?

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Outsourcing and Offshoring to India

Outsourcing and Offshoring activities are not a modern concept. They have been around since the ancient ages but its prominence has increased in the modern days. Despite many other countries such as China, Philippines and Ireland in the cut-throat competition India has successfully grabbed a large chunk of the offshore and outsourced business which is approximately 80% of the total business outsourced and off-shored in the world.

The main difference between outsourcing and off-shoring is that outsourcing is within the domestic boundaries of the nation whereas Offshoring is a type of out-sourcing that crosses the national border.

Why Outsource to India

The following is a list of reasons why business is off-shored to India and the same continues to grow year-by-year

Largest Technical and Professional Talent Pool

The country has a population of about 1.2 billion people and around 1.3 million graduates are added to the workforce each year. The work-force here is highly educated, often holding degrees from some of the world’s finest universities. Further they also use the latest technologies, software and infrastructure that enables them to provide services at par with international standards.

Flexible Pricing Options

The country has low personnel costs as compared to that of developed countries. Due to this there is a significant cost saving for companies when the business is off-shored to India as compared to domestic outsourcing of the business. This allows the companies to manage their budgets while adding quality.

Moreover, the outsourced business also helps to save the excess costs that an employer incurs for the employee in the form of social security payments, computer’s, Internet connectivity, health insurance, bigger offices etc.

Consistent High Quality Services

It is noteworthy that the outsourcing business in India has blossomed leaps and bounds due to the low-costs but low-costs is not the only factor. The services delivered are of great quality and also provide immense customer-satisfaction.

Best in Infrastructure and Technological capabilities

Emerging India offers state-of-the-art telecom, ISP and cellular networks 24*7 in all major towns and cities. Further the firms here provide high-technology and customized features giving the highest importance to customer satisfaction. India also has the highest number of ISO 9000 certified organizations.

Stable Government and Attractive IT Policies

Politically India supports IT-revolution and has a far-sighted government which has abundant policies that favor Outsourcing in India. IT sector is amongst the top 5 priorities and the same is supported by amendments in IT Act, improvement in Cyber Laws etc.

Quick TAT

This is a very important feature offered by Indian outsourcing firms. The Turnaround time is given high priority and many of them follow a TAT of less than 24 hours religiously. This enables a company to take quick decisions and avail the benefits of the market scenario alongwith high quality and accurate services.

More time to concentrate on core-competency

As the business grows and the support services are out-sourced, companies availing outsourcing services get more time to concentrate on the core-competencies of the business and to engage the staff in more productive and creative ways.

It helps company become more scalable

There may be certain peaks and slow downs in the business depending on the industry’s environment. This may result in scarcity of skilled task-force during certain phase. Outsourcing the business activities can mitigate this uncertainty.

Helps determine optimum work-force and infrastructure level

When you outsource to India you can get rid of excess costs such as hiring more personnel than required by the business. You can also increase the space utility as the excess of documentations, storage devices, desks etc. are all removed and this leads to optimum utilization of infrastructure and other resources.

In case you have more people working for you, there is a fear that you may loose them to boredom of work while in an opposite scenario the employees may leave you due to excessive challenges in the job. When out-sourced, both  the risks are eliminated.

Time – Zone Advantage

We know that “TIME IS MONEY”. If any company get services 24*7 and improve its efficiency, it can be sure to accomplish the tasks before dead-lines, have higher efficiency levels and increase its productivity. This is possible when outsourcing is done to India. Indian time zone is +5.5 GMT whereas +10.5 EST. This leads to happy customers for the company.


It is noteworthy to know that unlike phishing attacks and other fake calls or misuse of the data, India provides better security standards to maintain the data privacy and back-up. Furthermore this is also supported by Indian laws leading to an added advantage in favor of those who offshore business to India

Language Barriers

“Communication is the key to Success”. No task can be successfully accomplished unless it is properly communicated. Communication requires a mutual language and India not only outscores many other nations on this front with its vast population having knowledge of English but also holds fluent and strong command over the language.

Wrapping Up

We strongly recommend that you out-source your business services to India at least once and avail all the benefits as mentioned above. Moreover, there are many other benefits also apart from the above illustrative list which can be availed by your organization. For further information or any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

Feel free to contact us on support@bkcprohub.com for any query.

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