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Importance of Document Management System



A Computer based system which is used to track, manage and store documents is known as Document Management System (DMS). Such system also offers various features such as tracking of modifications post-final version, date of modifications, details of the person who modified the data, Security access and control etc.

In simpler terms, a DMS makes it easier to integrate paper and digital files for the business. It also enables easy storage and ease of access.

Do I need a DMS?

Yes you should opt for a DMS if you find it cumber-some to manage your documents including invoices and emails. If you find paper cluttered around you and find it hard to find the data sought by you when required. If document management eats-up a major chunk of your time and efficiency.

Features of an Ideal DMS

Cross – Platform Performance

The documents should be easy to access. They should be compatible with vivid electronic gadgets including laptops, tablets, smart-phones and desktops. The system that is easily compatible ensures more efficiency and prompt task completion

Bulk Document Scanning Capacity

The document scanning capacity of the DMS should be pre-verified.  A system that scans only a single document at a time is very demoralizing as it consumes more time, effort and inversely affects the productivity and efficiency.

Strong Search Feature

The DMS should have a powerful search feature. It should have a search feature that gives accurate, quick and reliable results. It should allow immediate access and retrieval of the data

Easy – to – use interface

The soft-ware interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate The software should be simple but accurate and free from bugs

Increase Productivity

A DMS is aimed to provide support to the employees and not waste time in training or increase idle time due to bugs or non-availability of after-sales services and customer support

Maximum Security

The major aspect influencing choice is security. It is essential that the DMS should provide security to the Data not just from Malware and Computer contaminants but should also ensure that only authorized personnel can access data. It should also be made sure that the confidentiality of the data is retained.


Software should be able to customize various features if required with regards to the automation process, definition of user-levels, process management etc.

Cost – Effective

A DMS should be cost-effective and should provide value for the money spent. It should be considered with regards to the subscription period, size of data-space allocated ( in case it functions with restrictions) and so on.

Disaster Recovery

It should be ensured that the DMS has proper back-ups and recovery mechanism in case of unexpected mishaps and physical damages as well.


The market offers ample of products and with varying features. In order to get a customized opinion on management of documents or choosing a system for it, or any other business issues, feel free to contact us and our specialized team is sure to help you with their innovative efforts.

Feel free to contact us on support@bkcprohub.com for any query.

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