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Singapore Personal Income Tax – 4 things to know

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Are you a local or a foreign Individual employee, self-employed or doing business in Singapore? You should know these 4 things on Singapore Personal Income Tax to ensure you are statutorily compliant in Singapore.

1. Do you need to file your Singapore Personal Income Tax Return?

Check if you need to file your tax return this year through “Filetax” which is an IRAS SMS Mobile Service. Filetaxallows you to check whether you are required to file your income tax return for the Year of Assessment 2015.  This service is free. However, prevailing SMS charges apply.

How to use Filetax?

Step 1: Compose your SMS as filetax<space>NRIC / FIN Number Step 2: Send the SMS via your mobile phone to 9116 4900 Step 3: You will receive an SMS stating whether you need to file your income tax return. If you have filed, you can check whether IRAS has received your return.

2. What is the Due Date to file your Personal Income Tax Return?

If you need to file your return, you should file your personal income tax return in Form B1 by April 15 for paper return and by April 18 for e-return

3. How to file your Personal Income Tax Return?

For current Year of Assessment

You may log in to myTax Portal and e-File your current year tax return using your SingPass or IRAS PIN.  If you do not have a SingPass or IRAS PIN, you may request it online.

For previous Years of Assessment / when e-Filing not available

You may request a duplicate copy of the tax return (Form B1) to be sent to you via post by calling 1800-356 8300. Please enter enquiry code one and follow the instructions given over the phone.

IRAS does not acknowledge receipt of hardcopy tax returns submitted. However if you e-File, you will get an on-screen Acknowledgement once IRAS has received your e-Filing.

4. What if you fail to file your personal income tax return?

If you do not file your tax return by the due date, IRAS will pursue the overdue tax return as follows:

  • Issue an estimated Notice of Assessment (you will have to pay the tax amount based on IRAS’ estimated Notice of Assessment within 30 days)
  • Impose a penalty for not filing
  • Summon you to Court where the penalty can be twice the tax amount assessed by IRAS
  • Issue a Warrant of Arrest
Click here to read IRAS regulation on failure to file your personal income tax return. Do feel free to contact us on support@bkcprohub.com, should you need any support to file your Singapore Personal Income Tax Return.
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