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What is Invoice Processing Services?

Invoice Processing

What is Invoice Processing Services?

Invoice Processing Service is a special and dedicated service that has a huge impact on the business. Invoice Processing Service is a service wherein every type of Invoice is processed with regards to various aspects such as verifying the terms of items, quantity and rate at which the invoice is raised to the customer, receiving and recording of the timing of payment against the invoices raised, mapping the bills vis-à-vis their PO and ensuring that the same is in synchronization, reconciliation of the amount received on a bill-to-bill/ party-wise base, ensuring that the payment is received in due compliance with the payment terms etc.

How is making us a part of your business beneficial to you?

Invoice processing is one of the most vital tasks that any business undertakes. The life-line of any business is its sales strength but the same sales departments do not have the requisite time nor the perfection when it comes to raising of the invoices to the customers.

We all know “EXPERT DOES IT THE BEST” and it is no different with the task of invoice processing. When this task of invoice processing is out-sourced to us, it ensures that –

  1. Your sales staff has more time to concentrate on sales
  2. When the sales staff concentrates more on the business, it ensures business growth and more profit
  3. Your invoices are processed by dedicated professionals
  4. Invoices are processed by dedicated professionals well within time-line ensuring timely mapping and reconciliation of collection, due maintenance of your database and accurate invoicing in sync with the PO
  5. Correct and accurate invoices ensure that your reputation with the clients is also upheld.

Furthermore we also provide customized timely reports on collection, ageing and payment modes alongwith reminders if such a service is sought by you.

How can we help you?

We can help you by providing various services which can be enumerated as follows. Further all the services can be customized to suit your needs.

  • Invoice creation
  • Invoice mapping with the PO
  • Invoice collection
  • Reconciliation of the collections
  • Ageing of the receivables
  • Giving management reports for collections made, mode in which they are made, time-frame of collection, trade discounts allowed etc.
  • Analyzing the credit-period to be allowed to various creditors
  • Ensuring due adherence with the sales policy/PO
  • Eliminating the error of non-collection and short-collection
  • Reducing the chances of various frauds including teeming and lading
  • Receipt creation etc.

Wrapping Up

The above is an illustrative list of the benefits that can be derived from making us a partner in your business and outsourcing the task to our professional experts. The benefits can be further enhanced and customized as per your requirements. For any further clarifications / customizations feel free to contact our experts at support@bkcprohub.com

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